The Real Minuet Breeders

A website dedicated to preventing Minuet (Napoleon) lovers from being scammed by fraudulent websites claiming to be real Minuet (Napoleon) catteries.

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The Real Minuet Breeders

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The Real Minuet Breeders are actual breeders of Minuet (Napoleon) kittens, who will provide a Minuet (Napoleon) kitten after a negotiated deal with a buyer. This list was devised to defeat the criminal practices of fraudulent pet dealers who scam unsuspecting buyers out of thousands of dollars by pretending to be reputable cat breeders, but then never produce a kitten.

The breeders on this website have been authenticated through a process of either personal knowledge or providing requested documents of ownership of registered cats with breeding rights.

This website is not inclusive of all real Minuet (Napoleon) breeders; however the breeders on this website are genuine businesses and agreed to the authentication process. Please read how we authenticated our breeders here.

Note: The Real Minuet Breeders website does not recommend any one breeder over another on this website, nor attest to their prices, the health of their kittens, the way they raise their cats, or any contractual items between the buyer and the seller. Although the breeders on this website are Real Minuet Breeders, they have designed their breeding program to their own specifications. However, we will never list a kitty mill, backyard breeder, or designer cat breeder, whose practices involve animal cruelty and illegitimate breeding of unregistered cats. (Learn more about those on this website here). Buyers must educate themselves on what is appropriate for the sale of a kitten and know what they want. We strongly recommend that kitten buyers have an honest discussion with any breeder and trust their instincts about what they learn from that discussion.  

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JudysCuties Gabrielle Landesclaw of Tiny Lions

Agathos Cattery (PA)

Bluebonnet Munchkins (Marion, TX)

Blueskies Cats (Polo, IL)

Its Raining Mins (Metairie, LA)

Forest Hills Munchkins and Minuets (Billings, MT)

Lavenders Cattery (Ontario, OR)

Little Frenchman Napoleons (Tell City, IN)

Munchkinlane Cattery (Inverness, FL)

Tiny Lions Napoleons (Divide, CO)

Windysweptt Napoleons (Red Oak, TX)

The Real Minuet Breeders do not pay to be on this website. Their acceptance on this site is based solely on their legitimacy.

Remember: Minuets are also known as Napoleons. Therefore, you will see the two names joined together in honor of those who still call these cats by either name. Be aware that there is absolutely no difference in cats called Napoleons and cats referred to as Minuets. The two names are synonymous and breeders have their own preference of which name they use in reference to their cats.

Note: A Minuet/Napoleon is only authentic if it was bred from a Munchkin to one of the Persian breed group (Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic Shorthair); or a Minuet (Napoleon) to one of the previous, or a Minuet (Napoleon) to a Minuet (Napoleon). Anyone presenting a kitten from a parentage different than those breeds just mentioned, such as a British Shorthair or other breed that mimics similar Persian features, is not selling a Minuet (Napoleon). CHECK PEDIGREES! A kitten that is not bred from the correct foundation breeds will not be able to register as a Minuet (Napoleon) in any cat association, no matter what that breeder says to the contrary.

The following catteries produce genuine Minuets but have not provided their contact information yet.  I know these catteries to be real breeders.

Kitten Smitten (northern California)

Oakwell Minuets (Iowa)

Windemere (Kansas)